Thursday, May 19, 2011

What do you crave?

NutriGrain commercial

As I was giggling / chastising my self for having coffee(2 cups) and a piece of yummy pound cake for "breakfast" making me hungry one hour later:) I remembered this NutriGrain commercial. You see in the commercial how her one choice in that split second at her desk influenced each and every food choice she made that day.
Isn't this the same with the way we chose to spend our days? I know I've noticed that if I start my mornings off with the Lord everything else seems to be easier to handle. Be it a short verse to meditate on(KTIS texts me the verse of the day/ I also have a few sticky notes around the house to re-focus my attention on the Lord), devotions from, or my 30-45min time of devotions and prayer. This choice I make most days influences my cravings through out the day. Keeps me focused on the things eternal, less likely to sweat the small stuff, and just a more positive outlook on the day versus the day's I just don't make the time for anything Christ centered...those are not pretty days! So whatever your "flavor" may be... short and sweet! online! or those wonderful, enjoyable, beautiful hours with the Lord! Make the "right choice" and keep your eye's on HIM before you get too far!

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