Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easy Pasta Salad

For those nights when you just don't want to cook!

Suggested ingredients:
Meat(we used Italian sausage on the grill), noodles(angle hair or any family favorite), veggies (broccoli and canned diced green chili tomato's), oil & vinegar (I used Paul Newman's Balsamic light vinegaret), salt/pepper/garlic to taste if needed

Directions: 1) Boil noodles and Cool 2.) Cook/reheat meat 3.) Cook/prep veggies 4.) Toss noodles with vinegar and oil (possibly add salt and pepper if needed) 5.) add the rest of the ingredients 6.) plate and serve!


Judith and Lance said...

This sounds yummy. OH my, I found a fun blog now, this should be interesting to read! Bouncy Ball!

Jessica Van Marter said...

Happy to be of entertainment to you:):)

Jessica Van Marter said...

ohh! and Day 2 of leftovers (since that seems to always happen to me) I added cucumbers and a little cubbed monteray jack for lunch:) yum!!