Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cloth Diapers!

I know, I know, not ANOTHER posting about how the environment is at risk:) But I am a "green gal" so I must say my piece and be done! Okay, maybe not totally done but hey, bouncy balls are like that:) So my biggest contribution to making the world a better place is using cloth diapers!!TA-DA! Not really hat big of a "feat" but it's a little step. So the diapering system I have used is Reason's being cost, ease, options, and they are just sooo darn cute!! There are other options and I will have to admit that for our next one (when the Lord allows). I may have to choose another system for night times, or not since I have not had a chance to use the cloth option the come out with most recently. is a great resource for checking out different diapering system's without "wasting money". That is the goal right? Saving money, the environment, and maybe possibly the world? :) or just being green. This is my way of contributing a "greener world" and it has worked so far!!

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Gretchen Fleener said...

Hey now, you've also contributed to saving the earth by giving me the confidence to give cloth diapers a you can take credit for the impact of at least two more kids in cloth!! ;-) I used the Bum Genius ones with two liners inside for Sammy at night for a long time. Now I do admit I use a disposable least for the phase when they are still drinking a big bottle before/during bedtime! After that the waterworks slow down enough to go back to cloth! ;-)