Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BUGS!!in my food?!?

Soo.... another picky eater recipe! Finding way's to shorten the eating time (from 2hrs to 45/1hr) kept me on the hunt and forced me to be a little creative with food. I am sure I am not the first person to blog about this, "cook" this, or even think of this but! I figured I'd share it and maybe it's helpful to one.

Ant's On a Log/Frogs on a lily pad
bread/leftover pancakes
peanut(other nut) butter
cinnamon sugar/ sprinkles

1.) prep carrots into thin sticks, wide enough to spread peanut butter on 2.) spread peanut butter onto bread and carrots 3.) adorn peanut buttered carrot(log) with raisins(bugs) 4.) cut bread into four equal parts 5.) cut banana into circles 6.) place one banana circle (frog) on each lily pad (bread/peanut butter) 7.) sprinkle frog with cinnamon sugar/sprinkles 8.) serve with milk and you have a complete meal!!

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