Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Picky Eaters!!

You know how you have this wonderful plan for your life and its just so wonderful that you tell God that about it. Of course after wiping tears of mirth, our loving Savior kindly reminds us HE is in charge!!(thank you Jesus! Because I would have made a really bad aristocrat's wife, schmoozing is NOT my thing:) In this wise wisdom I asked the Lord if he would be so kind to NOT give me a picky eater!! Because of all the frustrating characteristics children exemplify picky eater's were my Achilles heal! I have now grown a little more patient and a little more tolerant of the small children (and occasional adult) who is VERY particular about what they like and dislike to eat. I being a lover and enjoyer of food still find pickiness a baffling trait! I would like to thank my son for being God's instrument of change for me, I'm sure it wasn't easy because I am not one to change quickly:) Here is a recipe that came in my desperation to get my small child to EAT!!(he really just didn't like the actual act of eating, oddness to me?!?)
Veggie Pancakes
1 cup flour
1/2 scoop protein powder(3T)
3 T baking powder
1 egg
1 pureed steamed veggies
1/4 cup oil
Instructions: 1.) whisk all dry ingredients together 2.) whisk all wet ingredients together 3.) whisk ALL ingredients together (may need a little more milk to moisten) 4.) cook pancakes 5.) add butter and syrup 6.) serve! They'll never know they are eating vegetables!!


Laura Youker said...

Ms. Jess have you really met an adult who is that picky of an eater?? :)

Gretchen Fleener said...

Where do you find protein powder? I really want to try these! Ha, I think God has a bit of a sense of humor, too. I remember with my 1st pregnancy, hubby said "as long as we don't have a baby born on Christmas..." Well, after losing that baby, the birth date was the LAST thing we cared about...we just wanted A BABY. And what wonderous gift did God bless us with next? A baby born on Dec 26th! ;-)

Jessica Van Marter said...

I get my protein powder at whole foods but you can find it at grocery stores near the supplements:)
@Laura-your funny;)