Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gift's to give!

OH! SNAP! It's your birthday and I don't have anything to give you... ugh... dislike! Simple solution: homemade coupons providing a simple or extravagant service tailored to the person your giving to. This some times can speak more than some quick gift you threw together! Especially for me,it reminds me of the many coupons I received from siblings. "One coupon for breakfast in bed" or "Free day of baby sitting" or "I'll cook you a meal and bring it to you" or "Good for one date with one weeks notice" or "Coffee delivered to you with or without chocolate"- I have been known to give these, I feel they personalize the gift and do not contribute to the clutter that seems to take over anyone's house at any given moment in time:) So... go ahead create a coupon and give it to some one you love, like or just need a quick gift for (works great for rewarding those hard working students in your life:) Blessings and Happy Valentines Day to you!! 

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