Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just in a Visiting Mood

Just in a Visiting Mood

was so very blessed by my mommy(via one of her friends:) To have the privilege to see Beth Moore live and in color!! She used the theme UN-tangled as a play on the movie tangled (She even showed a clip, she's so cool!!) I just wanted to share some of her bouncy ball type insight! I really related well to this wonderful woman of God:) She just bounced from one topic to another, leaves some people spinning but me... keeps me engaged, focused and there 90% less sightings of....SHINY SQUIRRELS!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

What do you crave?

NutriGrain commercial

As I was giggling / chastising my self for having coffee(2 cups) and a piece of yummy pound cake for "breakfast" making me hungry one hour later:) I remembered this NutriGrain commercial. You see in the commercial how her one choice in that split second at her desk influenced each and every food choice she made that day.
Isn't this the same with the way we chose to spend our days? I know I've noticed that if I start my mornings off with the Lord everything else seems to be easier to handle. Be it a short verse to meditate on(KTIS texts me the verse of the day/ I also have a few sticky notes around the house to re-focus my attention on the Lord), devotions from www.cbn.com, or my 30-45min time of devotions and prayer. This choice I make most days influences my cravings through out the day. Keeps me focused on the things eternal, less likely to sweat the small stuff, and just a more positive outlook on the day versus the day's I just don't make the time for anything Christ centered...those are not pretty days! So whatever your "flavor" may be... short and sweet! online! or those wonderful, enjoyable, beautiful hours with the Lord! Make the "right choice" and keep your eye's on HIM before you get too far! http://youtu.be/UHmenrxcbsw

Composure, control, and creativity!

Just to let you know, I do LOVE my child with all my heart but there are days when I would rather eat cauliflower(BLECH!!) than deal with ONE MORE battle of wills!?!? I'm pretty sure that days like those are why God created chocolate, coffee, yummy creamers, diet coke and nooks! But we can argue theology another day! Today we can discuss ways to discipline effectively. I want to state that I am in NO WAY an expert! Yet I do have experience on both ends of the "stick" being a "spirited child" as well as the parent (for 3.5yrs) of a "spirited" child, I also hold a degree in early childhood development to give me added "umph" to my ideas. 1.) BREATH!! Unless the child is in imminent danger, or putting someone/something in imminent danger you have time to take a deep breath, count to five and think rationally! 2.)Think to your self "is this really a big deal?" I mean really, is it going to do eternal damage if he has his toast in his arm pit? will blowing bubbles in his milk really create his soul to be in peril? I'm going to go ahead and say probably not... However these are things that you might not want to happen at a restaurant, other peoples houses, etc... so deal with them accordingly. "When you blow bubbles in your milk, do it at your little table, don't make a ginormous mess and make sure your eating as well." 3.) Deal with them on their level. Lecturing a 3yr old probably isn't going to go farther than the first few words you say, lets face it no one likes to be lectured. Short sweet and to the point "Because you did this ___ this ___ will happen" eg. "Because you used your mouth to be rude(Yelling at Mommy) you will get 'sours' (lemon juice) on your tongue". Be specific, be short, be shrewd! 4.) Be creative! While I am a firm believer in 'spare the rod spoil the child'. I do not believe that every situation is a 'rod' situation. I save that for DIRECT DISOBEDIENCE (thanks Mom & Dad:) "B you may not go in the street" He goes in the street, it's a 'rod' situation! Most others can be "solved" by creative discipline! Sours for offensive mouths, time outs for un-wise usage of "free time", removal from a situation (usually into a time out) for being rude and disrespectful in the situation. Or for older kiddos 'hit them where it hurts' usually the bank:) Charge $$ for issues that go on... and on.... and on... 5.) GRACE is a good idea! Explain it, pray with them, and give it when it seems appropriate but not as freely as one might think. 6.) Prayerfully consider, with your spouse/partner in crime a plan of action for all courses of discipline! I know I put this one last, it should be first but I figured I'd give you some "fool proof" ideas before I gave you the "meat and potatoes". Write out this plan, post this plan, live and breath this plan but also be flexible with in the plan.... life is ON THE RUN! You never know what's happening next (although my 3yr old would believe that ALWAYS knowing "whats gonna happen next" is a must!). Start your day in the word and HE will guide your steps!(PS I am encouraging my parents to write a book on creative discipline so if you see them tell them, 'How to heat a hiney with out a match' Is a great title!!)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MORE cube steak!!

Just what you always wanted! More cube steak:):) Or not really so another way to use it up is to put it in the spaghetti sauce:) I know its not really "spaghetti season" but if you have it use it right? or just freeze the (cooked) steak till your ready to have spaghetti:) I make my own sauce(cheaper and has no HFCS in it:) but there is no shame in buying the bottles and using that too:)

One of the dangers of me, I never cook the same way twice unless I write it down...doh! But this last time I made sauce (little too spicy for kiddos, but B ate it enjoyed it) I did write it down... approximately...
Ingredients: 3T Mrs. Dash Table blend(in that blend is onion powder, black pepper, chili pepper, parsley, celery seed, basil, bay leaf, marjoram, oregano, thyme, cayenne pepper(the spice so you can eliminate this if you wish not to have spice), coriander, cumin, mustard rosemary, garlic, orange peel/zest, lemon oil/zest), 16oz can of stewed tomatoes, 12oz can of garlic and olive oil tomatoes, about 1/4 cup brown sugar(to take away the acid of tomatoes:), 2T sea salt
Directions: 1.) Puree all ingredients 2.) dice meat 3.) put everything into a pot to simmer, add about 3T olive oil 4.) bring to boil, then simmer for about 30min (or less) depending on the taste your going for you may want more garlic:) 5.) Put on noodles and enjoy!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Cube Steak

I never thought I would ever see the day that I could actually eat much less serve cube steak to my son?!?! I am still in shock and awe at the ease of this and that I can finally use the ENTIRE cow quarter we buy (okay so I give the liver and tongue away but.... close enough right?)

Ingredients: Cube steak( I had 4), 2c beef broth, 2.5T garlic(used powder), 3T parsley, salt, (pepper if you HAVE to;), celery, chives (or onions), 1/2c red wine vinigar
Directions: dump it all in the crock pot and cook it on high for 6.5 hrs or until it is tender enough to be cut by a fork(yes I know, cube steak, trust me!)

Now that its cooked to perfection you have a few options: 1.) make gravy with drippings&corn starch to be served over mashed potatoes 2.) Make it into BBQ beef, just drain most drippings leave 1/2c and add BBQ sauce, catchup, Worcestershire sauce 3.) make stir fry!!(we did, it was awesome!!) recipe TBPosted:)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers!

This assumes you have turkey/chicken& wild rice soup leftover to use up:)
Leftover Turkey/chicken wild rice soup
1 Can -cream o mushroom soup
biscuit dough
Directions: 1.) mix the cream of mushroom soup with the leftovers 2.) pour into greased pan large enough to accommodate leftovers and biscuits on top 3.) pre heat oven to 450 4.) make biscuit dough 5.) roll dough into balls and place on top of soup mixture 6.) bake according to biscuit recipe 7.) cool, serve, enjoy!

Biscuit Recipe
2c flour
1tblspn baking powder
1/3 c butter
3/4 c milk (or water if need be)

Directions: 1.) measure out flour and baking powder into a bowl 2.) melt butter 3.)drizzle butter into flour mixture using a whisk/pastry cutter to "cut" into flour 4.) add milk mixing with wooden spoon (or hands) till its not sticky, barely 5.) Handling the dough as little as possible shape into balls and bake! @450


Tis the season, fa la la la la la laa la la laa, to march down the aisle and commemorate a mile stone. So... if you have a few of these wonderful people in your life and don't have alot of cash to lavish your love on them why not do it in a quirky kit? I know I will be! Now these links are to ideas(from others, no its not an 'bouncy ball original'), and one does NOT need to fill each (reusable) shopping bag (preferable on that folds up small, Target has them) with every single item. Customize them, personalize them, make them as unique as the idea!
A few idea of how to package these kits; 1.)tag each item with an explanation(add a verse or two) and toss em in the bag. 2.)to create one big list (in the card or attached to the card) and envelope it with one verse. 3.) another idea is to label each item with its usage (computer sticky labels) and then send along a card with a inspirational verse (perhaps one you will pray over them in the years to come). This mile stone is HUGE! make it memorable for you as well as them! Its also a great opportunity to witness to them!
Here is the link to the "kits" and the reasoning behind the gifted item:) http://kitchenmixgifts.budget101.com/survival_kits.htm I hope this is a gift to you as well as the graduate in your life:)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cloth Diapers!

I know, I know, not ANOTHER posting about how the environment is at risk:) But I am a "green gal" so I must say my piece and be done! Okay, maybe not totally done but hey, bouncy balls are like that:) So my biggest contribution to making the world a better place is using cloth diapers!!TA-DA! Not really hat big of a "feat" but it's a little step. So the diapering system I have used is http://www.gdiapers.com/. Reason's being cost, ease, options, and they are just sooo darn cute!! There are other options and I will have to admit that for our next one (when the Lord allows). I may have to choose another system for night times, or not since I have not had a chance to use the cloth option the come out with most recently. http://www.pootersdiapers.com/Getting-Started/ is a great resource for checking out different diapering system's without "wasting money". That is the goal right? Saving money, the environment, and maybe possibly the world? :) or just being green. This is my way of contributing a "greener world" and it has worked so far!!

Easy Pasta Salad

For those nights when you just don't want to cook!

Suggested ingredients:
Meat(we used Italian sausage on the grill), noodles(angle hair or any family favorite), veggies (broccoli and canned diced green chili tomato's), oil & vinegar (I used Paul Newman's Balsamic light vinegaret), salt/pepper/garlic to taste if needed

Directions: 1) Boil noodles and Cool 2.) Cook/reheat meat 3.) Cook/prep veggies 4.) Toss noodles with vinegar and oil (possibly add salt and pepper if needed) 5.) add the rest of the ingredients 6.) plate and serve!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mind your P's and Qs

Manner #1

When asking for something, say “Please.”

Manner #2

When receiving something, say “Thank you.”

Manner #3

Do not interrupt grown-ups who are speaking with each other unless there is an emergency. They will notice you and respond when they are finished talking

Manner #4

If you do need to get somebody’s attention right away, the phrase “excuse me” is the most polite way for you to enter the conversation.

Manner #5

When you have any doubt about doing something, ask permission first. It can save you from many hours of grief later.

Manner #6

The world is not interested in what you dislike. Keep negative opinions to yourself, or between you and your friends, and out of earshot of adults.

Manner #7

Do not comment on other people’s physical characteristics unless, of course, it’s to compliment them, which is always welcome.

Manner #8

When people ask you how you are, tell them and then ask them how they are.

Manner #9

When you have spent time at your friend’s house, remember to thank his or her parents for having you over and for the good time you had.

Manner #10

Knock on closed doors — and wait to see if there’s a response — before entering.

Manner #11

When you make a phone call, introduce yourself first and then ask if you can speak with the person you are calling.

Manner #12

Be appreciative and say “thank you” for any gift you receive. In the age of e-mail, a handwritten thank-you note can have a powerful effect.

Manner #13

Never use foul language in front of adults. Grown-ups already know all those words, and they find them boring and unpleasant.

Manner #14

Don’t call people mean names.

Manner #15

Do not make fun of anyone for any reason. Teasing shows others you are weak, and ganging up on someone else is cruel.

Manner #16

Even if a play or an assembly is boring, sit through it quietly and pretend that you are interested. The performers and presenters are doing their best.

Manner #17

If you bump into somebody, immediately say “Excuse me.”

Manner #18

Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, and don’t pick your nose in public.

Manner #19

As you walk through a door, look to see if you can hold it open for someone else.

Manner #20

If you come across a parent, a teacher, or a neighbor working on something, ask if you can help. If they say “yes,” do so — you may learn something new.

Manner #21

When an adult asks you for a favor, do it without grumbling and with a smile.

Manner #22

When someone helps you, say “thank you.” That person will likely want to help you again. This is especially true with teachers!

Manner #23

Use eating utensils properly. If you are unsure how to do so, ask your parents to teach you or watch what adults do.

Manner #24

Keep a napkin on your lap; use it to wipe your mouth when necessary.

Manner #25

Don’t reach for things at the table; ask to have them passed.

(Originally published in the March 2011 issue of Parents Magazine.)

Life on the run!

Television is on, the radio is on, the blender is going, dishwasher is washing, the phone is ringing, the door bell is being pressed, a dog is barking, there is a loud discussion happening, the lawn mower is going, the windows are open and there is a fire truck driving by all of this on HIGH SPEED! Sounds like mass chaos right? It is and is also how the brain of some one with "bouncy ball syndrome" works, also known as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHyper activityD). To me, thats just every day life. I may be talking to you about the weather but being a "bouncy ball"; I am also thinking about dinner, which chore I should do when I get to it, the projects I have left to do, along with a continuous loop of songs running through my head. "Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice!" Philippians 4:4 also a great song! It has actions, a catchy tune and moves along fast enough to keep my focus! Well done!
I am as my son state's "30 old" and have bounced along thus far learning a few things along the way about how to be a effective bouncy ball for the Lord. I have also learned how to seek out the other bouncy balls along the way... especially the small ones who just need that extra mile. You know that kiddo that never sit's still, is always touching some one or something they shouldn't and just seems to be a general disturbance in the room. Yup, that one, the one that is there just to test your sanity and patients to the max, yes, that child, is also my child. Together we are learning so much more about being a bouncy ball!!Most days I don't feel qualified to do the dishes let alone trying to guide a bouncy ball along the way. 1Corinthians 15:10 "By the grace of God I am what I am! His grace to me is not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them. Yet not I but the grace of God that is within me". Here are just a few of the things that we have learned along the way.... Wal-Mart is not a store to go to, errands are better done with out small bouncy balls! If they must be done with the small bouncy ball bring alot of snacks! Some days need to be movie days, some days need to be spent outside, other days need a mixture. Routines are good! (not as in '9am we do this...' but as in 'when I wake up in the morning I get milk'.) Balance 'on the go days' with 'pajama days'. Keep fruit snacks close at hand along with anti bacterial wipes (if you see ones that can be used in mouths let me know!!). Relish the small things (bugs, shiny rocks, dandelions, sink bubbles...) Please whatever you do don't sweat the small stuff!! OH LOOK BUNNIES!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh by the way!!

Just in case you had not heard... I assisted in a lovely talk this morning titled "Eat, Shop, Play with out throwing your money away!" My co-bouncy ball and I (by the grace of God) were able to impart the wisdom that has been imparted upon us to the lovely women at EPAG's Gather Mom's group! They were such a great audience(even when I opened with the worst possible attention getter, sheesh!)!! If your even a tiny bit curious as to what it was all about, information shared or just wanna see whats inside the head of a bouncy ball (or two:) here is a link https://public.me.com/gfleener . Gretchen also has her own blog, IDMommy, if you look below at the blogs I follow she is one of them, she has more links to share. Feel free to poke around, ask questions, soak up the information from our trial and errors, and share your experiences with us! Because with out iron to sharpen iron, we would be wanting for a sharp knife!! Thank you all for your part in our presentation, your prayers, and attending!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time fly's

Have you ever sat down and just thought "where has the time gone"? Its not just something your Grandmother used to say... its real life! WHOOSH! And you've gone from winter to spring, your child has grown into a pre-schooler when you could have sworn he was just a baby, your siblings are growing up and moving out (FINALLY:) WHOOSH! Where did it all go? was I present? Did I value that time when it was there? WHOOSH! It almost makes me dizzy how a whole week/weekend can just disappear into thin air and leave me wondering... was my time well spent?WHOOSH! I am one of the fortunate ones, I am blessed, I am a daughter to the King of Kings. He smooths over all those rough edges I leave behind when I'm "WHOOSHING" around. Psalms 46:5 "God is with (her), (she) will not fail; God will help (her) at break of day." Those words are so comforting when I'm sitting here worrying about how my time was spent and then I am reminded Matthew 6:27 "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" ohh snap! I guess I'd better knock it off and make a better usage of my time here! WHOOSH!