Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just a tip!

Hey! just in case you were ever wondering... I use this (permanent marker) almost every time I have a large get together! For cups, plates, and labeling my pitchers of liquid! Now, I've done this since Mr Clean invented the magic eraser(my Mom has been doing it longer, can't count how many times we had to ask "is this really sugar or salt?")...Never thought about the significance of this organizational tip till my (super awesomely creative) friend said "you should blog about that." So... If your short on time, label makers, or just need to make a note... use a permanent marker! Trust me those magic erasers (even generic) will get it off!! (Now this doesn't apply to children! As a daycare worker found out...duh!?!?) But for almost any and all other surfaces's go for it!! Plastic, glass, refrigerators... you can do it! It helps me keep those half opened jars of sauce used up in time! Open jugs of milk used up in time and lets my guest know which is which (even if they all look like water because you use Smuckers all natural lemon-aid:) Happy labeling friends!

ps. I also tie the marker to something solid during the party so everyone always has access to this wonderful labeling device!!
p.p.s You can use it to mark up your containers that hold sugar, salt, malt-o-meal, etc... I also write the recipe on the outside with tips and tricks for the next time!


Judith and Lance said...

This is smart advice. Another thing that removes a Smartie is TOOTHPASTE, we found out that hard way when Bella used one to "accidentally" write on our brand new solid wood desk. Tooth paste removed it like a dream. Tooth paste also removed red food coloring from my counter tops!!

Mom of 8 said...

I am surprised you did not give credit where credit is due!!!

Jessica Van Marter said...

@MOM:I fixed it!! Sorry... its what I get for posting in hast:)
@Judith-I remember that incident.. yikes! Good to know! Thanks for the tip!

Me said...

Even labeled if you put Salt in the sugar container you still wind up with Salt Cookies for Christmas... :)