Friday, February 8, 2013

I fixed it!!

We have a clock in the living room, it was $1.99 from Ikea, and it's been knocked down about 50 million times... this time it broke! Option A: toss it buy a new one. After all it's under $5 and fits in my budget. Option B: fix it. I chose option B because, it hurts me to throw things away. The huge green heart inside just wont let stuff go unless it's really gone. We can all thank Sesame Street and my awesome mom:)
   I started with fabric leftover from my curtains, modge podge, paint brush, scissors, a pencil and some  gorilla glue to fix the cracked part.

 Broken Clock
 Glued together so beautifully!!
 Expert measuring skills
 Reinforced patch

Drying project

Finished Product!!

There are a few bubbles, on the edges, I can smooth those out once it's dried for 24hrs. In the humble opinion of this Chica, it is look'ing good! Happy crafting!

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