Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Super Hero's!

Power Ring
Mask's and wrist bands
Wrist Bands

SUPER HERO'S TO THE RESCUE!! ((Doo do dooo!)) 

My lil guy has absolutely fallen in love with super hero's:) it's adorable! Trying to outfit him superhero gear, not so adorable or do able on a tight budget. So.. what should a super hero's mama do? Go to Joann's!! (any excuses is a good one to spend a few hours in that store). There we found felt in the colors of the super hero's he loves, FLASH(red), Green Lantern (green), Batman(Black), and his personal favorite SUPER B(him self-a teal color). With a ink pen, scissors, elastic, Velcro and some Fabri-Tac I set to work... and soon came out with four super hero mask's, wrist bands and even was able to find supplies to make power rings(shopping those end caps is a life/budget saver)! All for the bargain price of one super hero outfit in the store! It's SUPER MOM!! To the rescue!!

A few notes: I should have washed the felt before making items, it's a little scratchy. I should have kept the receipt to show you how awesome of a deal this venture was! (felt $1.25 for 1/8 yard, elastic$2.99 for more than you could ever want/need, glue $5.99(ish) worth every penny but sewing is an option!) Also I should have made a pattern out of paper instead of tracing a fabric version. But so far they are holding up well to two weeks worth of playing! As soon as I figure out how to upload drawings I will post patterns:)