Thursday, September 8, 2011


It's 3pm and I forgot to take ANY meat out of the freezer?!?! WHAT IS A MAMA TO DO!?!
Oh! I know:)
  1. Take a frozen roast and place it in a pan with some sort of covering
  2. add a little oil (just a trace)
  3. add seasonings (I used garlic and season salt)
  4. toss in oil and seasonings
  5. put in pan
  6. cover pan
  7. put in oven at 350*
  8. and in about 2-3hrs you should have a nice plump roast!
  9. serve with starch and veggies/fruit!
For the rest of this meal I chose to saute' fresh green beans, mash potatoes and enjoy the roast! But almost anything goes with roast! You could just grab a can of green beans and a can of peaches! Or toss a bag of salad and some garlic toast! Possibilities are endless!!

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