Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Too many cooks in the kitchen? NEVER!!

When it comes to teaching small ones. Have you ever stopped to think of the many different lesson's you are able to teach in the kitchen? Safety, science, reading, math, self help, patience, cause and effect, self confidence... the possibilities are endless and your just making pancakes:) Yes, you will make a mess, and yes it will take a little longer and yes it could result in some "crunchy" pancakes. But what's a little egg shell when you see that smile on your child that says "I'm proud of my accomplishment" So the next time you have the chance; let them in, teach them what you know, encourage them to help in the kitchen! This could be a future chief, food critic, food scientist and or food enthusiest and your actions are encouraging these possibilities all by making pancakes, or eggs or pasta together. Be flexible and just about any recipe can call for a small child's help. So go ahead! Cook a little with your kiddo(s) and watch them grow!

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Judith and Lance said...

This is a great reminder, Jess. It can get extra frustrating w/ TWO sets of little hands in everything but they always love to help in the kitchen. B is so cute!