Monday, July 18, 2011


I just thought I'd let you know: those delicious coffee creamer (you know, international delights dark chocolate and MANY other delightful flavors) are FREEZE-able!! That means when there is a crazy good sale, or you have multiple coupons, or room to stock up on a discontinued favorite! Go ahead and keep one out and FREEZE the rest! Then take them out as needed!(the night before because going to make coffee and NOT having the creamer is sadness!!) They also make great gifts for the coffee drinker you visit:) As a "thank you for letting me crash here" gift!! Happy Monday!!


Gretchen Fleener said...

Brilliance, I tell you, sheer BRILLIANCE!!!

Jessica Van Marter said...

Careful now Ms. Gretchen! I might get a "ego" about this blogg'in thing:) OH!! AND FYIIIII: you can also freeze creamer into cubes to make delicious iced coffee!! A friend tipped me off:) YEA!!

Judith and Lance said...

Are you already slacking on the blog thing? It takes a commitment to keep one!