Friday, August 26, 2011

Delay of game!!

Phew! Time fly's when your having fun! And when your stressing out about stuff! Either way it just keeps tick, tick, ticking away!POOF! A month has past and I haven't blogged, what is with that? I guess I figured laundry, dishes, cleaning, meals... were a little more important:) Or was it that REALLY good book? Or it could have been me enjoying the fleeting day's of summer! Literally they are, fleeting away right before my very eyes! I had to wear jeans 'the other day' really?!? I'm not ready for summer to be over! But I am, because with the end of summer come's a new adventure! PRESCHOOL (home schooling)!! I don't mean just the age group I mean my small child is actually ready to do some school work! I am so excited to be able to see him work at something and then.... **light bulb** those moments are so precious as a teacher and I'm sure more so now that I'm a mom! Time to start digging out ALL those teacher made resources I've been hording, transporting and collecting over the years. As soon as I figure out how to post pictures on here I will add a few of the resources, easily made, can be used in your home to enhance even a regular day! keeps the TV off and the child engaged! oh happy day!

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Gretchen Fleener said...

You're a busy lady! I'm excited to hear about your home school adventures. And I love your "no TV on Mondays" rule!! :-)