Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I must admit I have very fond memories of Whole Foods ("back in the day":) when they used wax pencils to write on plastic containers or those extra wide twist ties to close the baggies. These fond memories extend to Sam's club when it wasn't stream lined and the only option you had for a cart was a flat bed!! Good times! But aside from wonderful childhood memories of shopping for groceries (which is a large part of life when there are 8 kids in the family... just say'in.
All of this is to say going to these stores is still great for the budget! I just re stalked my spice cupboard for $5.57+tax. It is a little time consuming when you have to locate the spice on the massive shelving, write down the name and pu#, and package it up! It can seem daunting and a little less appealing but, when I am able to buy 5 spices (including FRESH ginger) for the same price as one bottle of dill in the store I think this pursuit of bulk spices is worth my time and possibly yours!
Other benefits of bulk spice buying is the ability to choose how much of each spice you purchase. In our family during the warm weather months the dill usage is UP. However during the winter months the usage of oregano and thyme goes UP. So I can adjust my spices to the season, keep waste down and cook as flavorful as I wish without worrying about breaking the bank!


Christen said...

Where do you buy your spices in bulk? I am so interested!

Jessica Van Marter said...

I buy bulk at Whole Foods. I am sure there are other co-ops that sell spices in bulk:)