Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spotted Turtle Bread

BEANS! BEANS! BEANS!! These legumes I used to abhor are now a large part of my diet, much to the chagrin of my family. Here is a great recipe for those who haven't quite crossed over to the "other side" the side of the BEANS!!

Spotted Turtle Bread
1T of yeast (prepare according to package directions)
1c warm water
3.5-4.5c of flour (I added garlic, oregino, thyme, salt, pepper)
3/4 c cooked, black beans
1.5T oil (more if using whole wheat flour)

  1. Make yeast according to directions
  2. combine water and 2c of flour in the mixer for 5min
  3. Let it rest 10min
  4. add yeast mixture and remaining ingredients alternately, adding only enough flour to make soft dough not sticky
  5. Turn out dough onto floured board and knead 1-2 min
  6. Shape into small/large "turtle" shaped rolls and place, sides touching, in oiled or buttered baking dish
  7. cover and let rise until very light and, more than doubled in bulk 1hr or more
  8. Bake at 400 for small turtles and 45 min for large turtles or until golden brown
  9. Cool and serve!


Jessica Van Marter said...

when you don't follow ALL the instructions and you just do as you want (making individual loaves) it turns in to a dense bread, but not unpleasant:) I heard from a friend:)lol

Jessica Van Marter said...

brush some butter on the top or egg whites to give it that nummy crust!