Tuesday, June 28, 2011

more BUGS!?!? in my food

Another twist on an old favorite! just to add texture in a non threatening way, also other forms of protein.
BUGS in noodles
Mac N cheese (how ever your family prepares it)
Black beans

1.) make your macaroni and cheese 2.) add black beans to the macaroni and cheese 3.) Serve BUGS in noodles and let the kids "play" with the theme:)

IDEA!! Make a center piece out of bugs and plants! Have a magnifier at the table so they can investigate their food. Maybe put on "safari" hats and be bug hunters! If your kiddo is as "picky" as mine, playing at the dinner table (in a respectable fashion) is a much needed thing! B always had 2-3 "meal time buddies" to help him eat his food! (just make sure they are dishwasher safe!)

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