Thursday, May 12, 2011


Tis the season, fa la la la la la laa la la laa, to march down the aisle and commemorate a mile stone. So... if you have a few of these wonderful people in your life and don't have alot of cash to lavish your love on them why not do it in a quirky kit? I know I will be! Now these links are to ideas(from others, no its not an 'bouncy ball original'), and one does NOT need to fill each (reusable) shopping bag (preferable on that folds up small, Target has them) with every single item. Customize them, personalize them, make them as unique as the idea!
A few idea of how to package these kits; 1.)tag each item with an explanation(add a verse or two) and toss em in the bag. 2.)to create one big list (in the card or attached to the card) and envelope it with one verse. 3.) another idea is to label each item with its usage (computer sticky labels) and then send along a card with a inspirational verse (perhaps one you will pray over them in the years to come). This mile stone is HUGE! make it memorable for you as well as them! Its also a great opportunity to witness to them!
Here is the link to the "kits" and the reasoning behind the gifted item:) I hope this is a gift to you as well as the graduate in your life:)

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