Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm a mess!!

It's a great song! Listen to it! Even if the quality is "poor".

I know it's a MESS!! But please oh please let your kiddos have those sensory experiences even if you have to pay a preschool teacher 3day's a week or a special art teacher so they can make a MESS!! A few 'MESS' examples are shaving cream, finger painting, 'Goop/gack' (corn starch and water), soap, glue painting, glitter... the list can go on and on my friend. If you need help finding messy activities I can help with that!! If you need help finding ways to make it less of a MESS and more enjoyable for all person's involved I can help with that too! But please, oh please! Let your babies, kiddos, pre-teens, teenagers... make a mess!!
We have a rule in this house "No ginormous messes! (with out a consenting adult). So I try my best to once a week have a GINORMOUS mess day!! Shaving cream has been my 'go to' because it is the easiest to clean up! But today we tried 'goop/gack' and it was a big hit! Filled about 20 min of kiddo's time (we added washable paints to stretch the fun!) then 20min of clean up(kids, floor, table...) and they reieved a great sensory experience! and it really didn't "cost" me any thing except time which is an expense I am willing to expend in the pursuit of raising the my blessing. So many valuable lesson's are learned when GINORMOUS messes are aloud. Like 'it's okay to get dirty', or 'its a solid AND a liquid', 'cleaning is necessary', 'making messes is okay', and a important one 'life get's messy! just clean your self up and keep on'.
So...those squeamish and faint of heart at the thought of play dough, finger paints and shaving cream! Fear not! This phase in life is short lived, so live it up! Make a MESS!! There will be plenty of time to have a clean and neat house later in life (when you'll be arguing about their MESSy room's;)

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